PAT Testing for Landlords £40 (Up to 20 appliances)
(PAT Test for Additional items charged at £2 per test)

PAT Testing for Small Businesses £50 (Up to 10 appliances)
(PAT Test for Additional items charged at £5 per test)

PAT testing includes:
- Preliminary visual inspection
- Functional checks
- Earth continuity
- Insulation checks

PAT test certificates are issued after a PAT test has been carried out, we can email it to you within minustes after completion of the PAT Test. It is important to have a PAT test to ensure rented properties and the business premises are safe and coincides with current legislations. When a Health and Safety inspector visits your business they will generally ask to see some documentation as proof that a PAT test has been carried out and that all appliances are safe to use. PAT test certificates are usually issued with a detailed report stating which appliances have failed or passed. All PAT test certificates will include brief details of the inspection carried out and the location of the electric appliance.

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